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Using Pest Control Without Compromising Your Family’s Safety

Seeing a critter in your home is unsettling not to mention embarrassing and scary. Pests aren’t just a nuisance. They can also be a health risk to the families and pets living in the home.

When it comes to thinking about pest control, people have mixed emotions. They want the pests gone as soon as possible but they also want to know they are doing it in a way that is safe for everyone residing in the home.

At Tri-County Pest Control, we share the same concerns. As pest experts, we understand the health and safety risks that encroachers like cockroaches, mice, and other pests create. As individuals with our own families and pets, we understand the concern behind every homeowner that calls us and asks if our treatments are safe for their families and pets.

How to Safely Treat For Household Pests

Avoid over the counter pest control supplies

It’s easy for the homeowner to think that a quick treatment with an OTC (over the counter) pellet product or aerosol spray will solve their problem. Not only are these products typically ineffective, but they also pose serious health risks to the people and pets in the home.  Pellets pose the risk of accidental ingestion by a pet or a child while leaving a residue on the hands of the person who puts them out which may transfer unknowingly to anything that person touches. People so desperate to get rid of pests overspray aerosols and flood parts of the home with chemical treatment. This leaves chemicals on the surface that children and pets can come into contact with. Additionally, the homeowner isn’t applying them in the hidden areas behind walls and ceilings where the pests are living which are the important areas to make contact with.

Let a professional find and eradicate the pests

Professional pest control companies have specialized equipment that lets them target very specific areas. They have the knowledge to know how much chemical to apply and use strategically measured amounts to ensure that the product being applied binds to the intended surface and is dry within 2-3 minutes. This increases safety for the people in the home, as it ensures that nothing is left behind that can be ingested or cause irritation.

Changes in Pest Control Over the Years

Regulations introduced in recent years have not only made professional pest control more effective but also much safer.
  • Products available to pest control companies have changed considerably. New products are applied at very low-level dosages and are designed to bind to the surface so there is no airborne residue in the home or business.
  • The percentage of active ingredients in numerous pest control products has been reduced to the minimum necessary amount. Some contain as little as .009% of the active ingredient, which means it would take a very large volume of the product to cause any adverse effects.
  • New technologies allow chemicals to be applied in a much more controlled manner. The new equipment allows for strategic application to ensure the occupants of the home aren’t exposed to the product. Professionals are able to put the product inside roof voids, wall cavities, and other places where the pests live but that are inaccessible to the homeowner.

Ask the Right Questions

If you are considering a pest control company, it’s important to ask what chemicals they will be using. A reputable company should be using leading brands that conduct thorough and regular testing on their products. Unfortunately, not all pest control companies put the safety of their clients first. Some opt to focus on profit, using cheaper pesticides in order to offer cheaper (but less safe) choices to their clients. Their price may be cheaper, but you will pay by compromising the safety of your family.

Request a safety data sheet

A reputable pest control company should provide safety data sheets on each pesticide they plan to use in your home. These sheets give you information about the chemical, application instructions, and any safety concerns.

The Tri-County Difference

Here at Tri-County, our number one priority is to keep your family safe while keeping your home pest-free. We take an integrated approach to pest control management. We don’t just get rid of the pests in your home, we identify the underlying problems. Our technicians conduct thorough inspections that identify and eliminate entry points into the home, and also identify favorable conditions that attract pests and help the homeowner alleviate or minimize them. Doing this allows us to treat the source of the issue, thus limiting the need for pesticide use.

Highly Trained Licensed Professionals

At Tri-County Pest Control we use targeted applications in pest “hot spots” in order to use the least amount of product possible with the greatest effect. These “hot spots” are typically in cracks and crevices, behind walls, and above ceilings in places inaccessible to anything other than the targeted pest. Our team purposely avoids places that people and pets have contact with whenever possible. If we need to treat areas the family is in, we use materials that are quick-drying and are non-transferable to others once the area is dry.

Eradicate the pests in your home safely and effectively

Pest control has made significant advances in equipment, applications, technologies, and safety regulations in recent years.

If you are concerned about the safety and well-being of your family, don’t risk your family’s safety with OTC or cheap pest control services. Call the experts at Tri-County to ensure your treatment is not only safe for the family but also effectively gets rid of the pests threatening your home. We will work with you to eliminate entry sources, treat affected areas, and provide guidance to help you get rid of your pest problems once and for all.

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“Bill and I started using TriCounty Pest Control for our home soon after we moved from Minnesota to Tupelo in 2001, and we have been extremely happy with the service we have received from Kevin Pannell. He has made extra trips to our home several times to deal with a particularly stubborn pest. We found out we had a nest of ants in our attic that happily stayed there, out of our notice, until we had our kitchen remodeled. Then they had a new pathway via the electrical cord for our stove. He re...” ~ Bill & Carol Ledbetter

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