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Flea Control

Any pet owner knows the sinking feeling you get when you find a flea on your pet. Once fleas have infected your home and animals, they are very stubborn and hard to get rid of. Given the fact that the adult female flea lays up to 25 eggs a day while on an animal, it is imperative that you get fleas under control as soon as you realize that you have them in your home.

Flea Control Services

At Tri-County Pest Control we know that eliminating fleas from your home can be difficult; it is imperative to have a comprehensive plan that treats ALL areas where fleas might be. A comprehensive removal process must include:

    • Vacuum your home before we come out to treat the home. It is important to be very thorough in the areas your pet frequents.


  • Treating all pets for fleas the same day as the home treatment.
  • Treating the inside of the home
  • Treating the yard
  • Pick up all children’s toys, and family clothing off the floors, also include closet floors


Insecticides should only be used by the proper professionals. This is because they are heavy chemicals that need to be handled properly. They will be applied to the home directly through the use of the proper equipment. Our insecticides will last for months, without the need to reapply.

However, there are steps that the homeowner should take after the sanitation and elimination process has been completed by the professional.

Pet Flea Control is Critical

To prevent re-infestation after treatment for fleas, it is critical that you treat all pets in the house and yard. Consult your pet’s veterinarian for the best treatment.

Flea eradication if tough; you want to have professionals with the certification and experience needed to get the job done right. Call the experts at Tri-County Pest Control today at (662) 840-1163 and let our certified and experienced team get rid of your flea infestation for good.

Flea Control Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do after Tri-County has treated my home?

After the sanitation and elimination process, it is important that you are aware that there will be some adult fleas emerge from the pupae stage over the next 21 days. These fleas in the pupae stage are protected from chemicals until they emerge.

There is no chemical on the market available for flea treatment that will penetrate a cocoon in the pupae stage. After the flea emerges out, it will take approx. 4 to 6 hours for these adults to die. The first thing they want when they emerge is to get a blood meal. SO YOU WILL SEE SOME for 14 to 21 days even if a chemical was put down every day during this period it will not prevent them from emerging, you have to give them time to die. The chemicals are still effective for up to 3 months.

When you see emerging fleas, the first thing to do is vacuum… this noise and activity will cause the fleas that are due to emerge out of the pupae to be vacuumed up and expose them to the materials in your home for a quicker kill.

  • Vacuuming all of the rugs in the home thoroughly, crisscrossing the patterns on the floor to get everything up
  • Vacuuming furniture and other cloth items

Q: Why do I have fleas?

Fleas exist in our outdoor environment and wait for a “host” (animal) to come by. They prefer moist and warm areas such as debris piles, leaf piles, compost piles, and clumps of mowed grass. Once they are on your pet, they are transported into your house where they lay eggs and continue to multiply.

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