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Spiders & Other Pests

Spiders, silverfish, flies, and other home pests can be controlled with regular pest control maintenance services by Tri-County Pest Control in Tupelo.

Spider Control

Spiders and other insects that make it into your home can be easy to kill when you spot them one at a time but can be hard to control or prevent. With the aid of a professional from Tri-County, you will be better able to get a handle on these insects that so many of us do not want inside our homes.

Our services are able to not only treat the inside of the home to remove the pests, but also create a barrier on the outside of the home. This prevents them from coming inside the home to begin with. Maintenance and care are the keys to keeping spiders and other pests from entering the home.

You can expect to get a 90% decline in the number of spiders and other insects that are within your home once our maintenance and control services are performed. We do have a lot of clients stating that they have never seen a spider again, however.

Understanding and educating yourself on these types of insects can also provide you with an idea of how they need to be removed and prevented from coming inside the home.

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House Spiders

House spiders can be harmless but the most undesired home pest.

House spiders are some of the most harmless insects found within the home, but they are also the most undesired. There are many species of spiders that are found throughout North MS, but only two of those are poisonous. The brown recluse hides in dark, damp places such as basements, attics, and other reclusive areas. The black widow is also another who stays in damp, dark places. We use pesticides to remove these from the home, work within a few minutes.

Our products can go where over-the-counter pesticides would not be able to reach. They are also less effective at removing and preventing spiders from coming into the home entirely. This is why it is beneficial for the homeowner to speak with a professional regarding spider care in-home.


Yet another undesirable house insect that is not only unsightly and hard to find but also very destructive. They will ruin everything from clothes to paper, including valuable documents. They can live almost anywhere but thrive in the moistest of environments. Controlling humidity throughout the home is essential, but it is also important to make a thorough pesticide application through a professional as an extra measure.

Here at Tri-County Pest Control, we can help you remedy the spider or silverfish issue you are having. Having an ongoing maintenance plan for the care and prevention of these insects provides you with peace of mind knowing that the problem is taken care of.

Spiders & Pest Extermination Frequently Asked Questions

Don't let spiders, silverfish, and other pests take over your home.

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