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Stop Winter Pest Invaders Before They Come Inside!

As the temperature drops, critters of all shapes and sizes start to seek out a warm, sheltered place to take refuge for the winter – namely, your home! This is the time of year that you will start to see pests such as mice, rats, spiders, squirrels, stink bugs, ladybugs, beetles, boxelders, and many other winter invaders coming into your home.

Stopping a pest invasion involves both eradication of current pests and prevention of further invasions. Read below to learn about steps to take to minimize pest entry, and how to detect when pests are presents in the house.

Pest Prevention

There are many steps homeowners can take to prevent pest invasion as winter approaches:

  • Have a professional come to your home to help find any holes and cracks on the outside of the home. Mice can fit through ¼” diameter holes (smaller than a raisin!), and juvenile rats can squeeze in through a hole the size of a quarter. A professional is trained to spot crevices and cracks and can recommend the correct way to get them all sealed, preventing pest entry.
  • Seal crack and holes that are spotted around the home.
  • Check all window screens and repair any rips or tears.
  • Trim back shrubbery and branches away from the home.
  • If you have stacked firewood, make sure it is 20 feet or more from the home, and if possible, 3 feet off the ground.
  • On nice fall days, don’t leave doors or windows open without screens in place.
  • Hire a pest professional to apply and maintain a barrier treatment around your property which will kill pests as they try and enter the home.

Signs You Have Pests in Your Home:

Once the cold has set in, you may start seeing signs of pests around the house. Below are some signs to look for that will help you identify what has invaded your home:

Dead bugs in windowsills: If you see dead insects in your windowsills, you can bet there are many more live ones hiding out of sight.

Pest droppings: Tiny black droppings on the counters, floors, in windowsills, or in pantry areas indicate a pest infestation may be present. The professionals at Tri County will be able to identify which pest based on the droppings and treat appropriately.

Nesting Evidence: If you find small piles of shredded paper or other material hidden in boxes, nooks, behind appliances, etc, it is most likely a rat or mouse nest.

Odors & Sounds: Different pests give off different odors. Mice will leave a musty, urine smell while rats smell like ammonia. At nighttime when the house is quiet, keep an ear out for the sound of pattering feet, scratching on the walks, squeaking, or gnawing sounds.

Holes and other signs of gnawing: Finding paper or Kleenex that has been gnawed on, signs of gnawing on paper or plastic food packaging in your pantry or cupboard or chewed up electrical wires can all be signs of infestation.

If you suspect or see any type of infection, call Tri-County Pest Control at (662) 840-1163 for a free inspection today. With over 25 years of pest control experience, family-owned Tri-County Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully eradicate any pest issues you are facing. We will give you peace of mind knowing that your problem is in the hands of industry professionals who can handle these issues quickly and efficiently.

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