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Prevent Bed Bugs this Holiday

How to Prevent Bed bugs in the Colder Months

We’ve all heard the horror stories of someone discovering they have bed bugs and struggling to get rid of them, only to realize they still have the initial infestation. The small size of bed bugs as well as their ability to hide make them particularly awful to think about and difficult to get rid of once they are in your home. The best way is to prevent bed bugs from invading your home.

People have the common misconception that bed bug infestations aren’t a problem in fall and winter but they would be wrong. Bed bugs aren’t living outside therefore a change in temperatures won’t affect them at all. Bed bugs are hitchhikers living inside other houses, hotel rooms, school, dorms and other kinds of places where you might spend some time and give them the opportunity to hide in your belongings, hitching a ride to your house.

How do bedbugs hitch a ride? Bed bugs can hide in many places. They absolutely love clutter.  When your kids visit a friend and the bedroom is cluttered, the bed bugs have many places they can hide and easily transfer to your child’s backpack, sleeping bag, or discarded clothing. In hotel rooms suitcases, purses, and clothing piled on the floor or the bed make great options for the bed bugs to latch on and traverse with you to your final destination.

What Can You Do to Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Home?

First, educate yourself. Know what they look like at each stage of development so you can identify them if you see one. A recently hatched bed bug is pale white or tan in color, has 6 legs, and may have a red abdomen if they have recently had a meal (blood). These are the most common bed bugs you will see so being able to recognize them is important. The adult bed bug is a reddish-brown color and has an oval-shaped body similar in size to an apple seed. They might be flat, or have more of a bulging oval shape if they have eaten recently. You will also need to be able to identify the eggs of bed bugs as well. They are white in color and are about 1 mm long. Bed bugs hide their eggs in crevices, gaps, cracks, and stitching of various items (such as mattress stitching).

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What to do if You Find Bed Bugs

If you find bed bugs, it is strongly recommended that you call a professional like us here at Tri-County Pest Control. It is very difficult to completely eliminate bed bugs on your own. If you miss one egg or one hiding spot, they will return. Having experienced professionals handle the problem not only minimizes the chance of re-infestation but also takes the worry off your shoulders.

The certified team at Tri-County will inspect your home and recommend a customized solution based on the number of bugs found and how widespread they are. We use approved methods recommended by the EPA.

How to Prevent the Spread of Bed Bugs

Following the steps below will make your house an inhospitable environment for bed bugs. If one does make its way into the house, the infestation will be minimal and much easier to take care of.

    1. Eliminate Clutter: Bed bugs LOVE clutter. Eliminate clutter, and you are eliminating infinite opportunities for a bed bug to hide and lay eggs.
    2. Don’t store things under beds: This is another easy area for bed bugs to hide and lay eggs without being discovered.
    3. Buy encasements for your mattresses and box springs: Make sure you purchase encasements specifically designated to prevent bedbug penetration. This will prevent the bed bugs from hiding in crevices or stitching areas, and also from laying their eggs there.

To learn more about methods for removing bed bugs, read our bed bug FAQ.

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