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How to Control Mosquitoes in Mississippi

Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Spring is a favorite season of many – the warm air and beautiful sunny days are a welcome change after a long dreary winter. Unfortunately, spring also means the beginning of the dreaded mosquito season. In Mississippi, mosquito season typically runs from April to October. It’s a long season, and if you don’t plan ahead you may have a yard that is overrun with mosquitoes before you know it.

What steps can I take to reduce mosquitoes around my home?

  1. Start early!Don’t wait until you are surrounded by swarms of mosquitoes. Get started on mosquito reduction steps before they get out of control, including calling a professional if you want professional help eliminating the problem.
  2. Eliminate standing water on the propertyMosquitoes breed in standing water, so the first thing you should do is identify any areas of standing water and either eliminate them or empty them daily. Remember that mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to deposit their eggs. Common places that collect water include: birdbaths, wading pools, flower pots, buckets, old tires, children’s toys, and wheelbarrows.

    Cleaning your gutters so water can flow freely and covering rain barrels will also minimize standing water, as well as filling in low lying areas in the yard that collect water and filling in or removing hollow logs and stumps on your property.

    If you have a swimming pool, make sure you keep it well-maintained. If you fail to keep your pool clean, mosquitoes will be drawn to the stagnant water. If you use a pool cover, dump off any water that accumulates on the top during rainstorms.

  3. Repair windows and cracks in exterior walls to prevent mosquito entry into your home.Inspect all window screens and repair or replace damaged screens with a 16-18 mesh. Seal any cracks in the home’s foundation and exterior walls as well.
  4. Repair Leaky SpigotsLeaky spigots will pool on the ground underneath so need to be repaired or replaced.
  5. Install Bug LightsAlthough bug lights don’t keep mosquitoes away, they will make your property somewhat less attractive during nighttime hours.

Questions About Mosquitoes

  1. Do peppermint and eucalyptus “natural” mosquito sprays and control sprays work?The discussion about if such sprays are effective is mostly anecdotal. Consumer Reports tested several natural sprays and recommended at least one eucalyptus-based spray, but noted it has not been comprehensively tested on kids. If homeowners prefer, they can try them and switch to a professional pest control company if needed.
  2. Should I use mosquito repellent on my skin when I am outside?According to the CDC, repellents containing the chemical called DEET are the best protection against mosquito bites. If using a DEET spray, the CDC recommends only using it outdoors, and washing skin with soap and water after going inside.

What if I’ve Tried to Prevent Mosquitoes and it’s Not Enough?

Although following the advice to prevent mosquitoes will help reduce mosquito infestation, sometimes it’s not enough. Neighbors may not be as vigilant as you, or it may just be a particularly bad season. If you are struggling, it’s best to call an experienced professional to explore further options. A professional will come to your house to evaluate your mosquito problem and present you with a solution tailored to your needs.

Professional mosquito control can utilize one or multiple approaches that include:

  • applying a water-repellent, wax-based spray that clings to the vegetation and structures around your yard. Mosquitoes in your yard will be eradicated within 24 hours. This treatment lasts for about 30 days.
  • Installing an automatic misting system that sprays pesticides once or twice a day from nozzles attached to fences or buildings.
  • For special events, a professional can visit your yard 24-48 hours before an event to apply a spray that will keep your event mosquito-free

At Tri-County, we understand how mosquitoes can keep you from enjoying your yard in the summertime. Give us a call today at (662) 840-1163 to schedule a visit and discuss what we can do to get rid of your mosquitoes so that you can enjoy your outdoor space.

To read more about our mosquito control program, see our mosquito control information page.

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