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The Economic Impact of Roach Control in Mississippi

Mississippi’s warm temperatures are beneficial for many things: plants, outdoor recreation, and unfortunately cockroaches. According to an article in Environmental Business, cockroaches are one of the most expensive pests to control in the state.

Who gets cockroaches in their home?

No one is immune from roaches coming into their home, and people spend large amounts of money trying to control them. It isn’t just the creepy-crawly factor. Certain types of roaches cause and exacerbate health issues such as asthma and allergies. Mississippi’s common cockroaches include the American, brown, smoky-brown, German, and brown-banded. Successfully controlling any of them relies on identifying the species correctly then using the control methods that are effective for that species. Less common roaches are the brown-banded and oriental cockroaches. Mississippi also has outdoor-dwelling roaches that don’t bother humans, including wood, pale-bordered, and Cuban roaches.

Do all cockroaches invade homes and businesses?

Even the smallest Mississippi cockroaches cause problems. The German cockroach, approximately 1/2” long, is a common pest in Mississippi homes. It is often the cause of significant asthma and allergy issues that result in missed school and work. They are also frequent problems in commercial buildings and restaurants. Efforts to get rid of this cockroach must focus indoors since they do not live outside. Sanitation is key to prevent and manage infestations.

Homeowners also have issues with the larger cockroach species, which can grow to over 1” in length. The most common large species in Mississippi in the smoky-brown cockroach, especially common in the southern part of the state. Their large size causes a fair amount of repulsion in homeowners, but they are easier to control and cause fewer problems than German cockroaches.

The larger cockroach varieties breed both indoors and outdoors, so pest control efforts must focus on both areas to be successful. Pest control companies must identify and seal all potential entry points into the home or business and remove any potential shelter sites such as woodpiles from the building area. Any garbage, recycle, and pet food kept outside needs to be in bugproof containers.

After these issues have been addressed, the pest control company then applies insecticide/pesticide treatments to the outside perimeter. Pesticide treatments may also be applied inside the building as the situation warrants. Experts agree that eliminating roaches from indoor environments is necessary to create a healthy environment. Cockroaches can mechanically transmit disease as they crawl on food and food preparation surfaces. Their presence in the home or business can also trigger or cause asthma and allergies as well as making you violently ill if you consume something that a cockroach comes in contact with.

The economic impact of cockroaches

According to a report published by Specialty Consultants, 2017 total service revenue of U.S. pest control industry topped 8.6 billion dollars. Cockroaches accounted for a sizable portion of that revenue.

Cockroach pest control fees vary based on location and company, but a cockroach control visit to a house can typically cost $300-$500. Many choose to sign a contract for regular visits to avoid cockroach recurrence and pay monthly fees starting near $180.

The economic impact of cockroaches reaches further than one might think. In addition to the money added to the Mississippi economy for pest control services, roaches spur other spending one might not realize. Food spending is increased when people have to throw out contaminated food and replace it. Spending in the medical industry is increased by doctor visits and medications needed due to allergy and asthma issues caused by cockroaches as well as increases to the  home improvement industry occurring as people try to eliminate entry points into their home.

Cockroach control:

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