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Do I Need Pest Control During The Winter Months?

During the change of seasons, the leaves begin to change colors, the temperature drops and the normal person feels that they are protected from the potential infestation of various pests since there is a noticeable chill in the air. Even though the winter months have arrived you are NOT protected.


The winter may bring about cold temperatures and a subtle climate change but did you know that in the state of Mississippi the average temperature during these months is only 41 to 52 degrees fahrenheit? That isn’t enough of a drop to eliminate the threat of rodents, roaches and spiders. If anything, the sudden drop causes these creatures to seek warmth and shelter in the safety of your walls. 


Not only can the pests reside in your walls but spiders tend to hide in dark, damp places like basements, attics, and other places that aren’t normally trafficked on a daily basis. Black Widows, specifically, love to frequent these types of areas unbeknownst to the unlooking eye. 


Silverfish aren’t often spoken of but they can be more destructive than your normal house  spider. Silverfish (if infested) are very difficult to see AND are very destructive. They will ruin clothing, paper, other valuable documents, can live in almost anywhere and THRIVE in moist environments.


Usually you know when you have an infestation of these creatures by telling signs that they leave behind. Rodents and cockroaches leave behind droppings that are visible (pellet and black pepper sized respectively) while spiders leave webbing and egg sacs the size of the spider itself. If left not taken care of, a hatched egg of a spider can lay anywhere from 2 upwards to 2,000 spiders. Cockroach eggs can produce up to 48 new roaches and they lay eggs frequently.


You can also hear the movement of rodents inside of your walls (where they nest), digging into debris that may be left around the home and chewing on cardboard like cereal boxes. Pests like Cockroaches and spiders you won’t hear BUT you’ll feel their presence when it becomes too late for you to respond with the pests crawling on your skin while sleeping or when you’re casually reading etc etc. 

The best thing that you can do is to take measures to prevent infestation year-round. Here at Tri-County Pest Control we can set up an appointment with you, evaluate your potential/current issues and come up with a plan of action so that you and your family can sleep soundly at night. Contact us here and let’s get started protecting your home!

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