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During the change of seasons, the leaves begin to change colors, the temperature drops and the normal person feels that they are protected from the potential infestation of various pests since there is a noticeable chill in the air. Even though the winter months have arrived you are NOT protected.

Roach eating cookie on counter

Mississippi’s warm temperatures are beneficial for many things: plants, outdoor recreation, and unfortunately cockroaches. According to an article in Environmental Business, cockroaches are one of the most expensive pests to control in the state.

We all love the signs of fall. The cold crisp air, changing leaves, and watching the birds flying south is a exceptional experience. It’s beautiful weather, great season and all of the  ambience to take in is something that everyone should behold. Everything is great except for the wasps. Every fall, they become especially annoying, ruining yard work and outdoor get-togethers. Continue reading to learn about wasps and what you can do to manage them. 

Summertime brings visions of picnics, sunsets, happy family outings, and unfortunately bugs. Here’s what to look for and how to manage them

raoches cause illness


Cockroaches nesting and feeding habits that cause them to carry a number of disease-causing pathogens on their bodies, while also ingesting these microorganisms from the rotting materials they feed on. Learn more about how roaches can impact your health.

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